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Serengeti National Park


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The name "Serengeti" has come to represent the safari experience itself, evoking images of sweeping savannas swarming with lion, wildebeest, and gazelle. In the language of the Maasai the word means "endless plain" and the park lands in Northern Tanzania do indeed seem infinite.

Upon these grasslands roam more game animals than anywhere in the world. There are over a million wildebeest alone.

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Throngs of wildlife cocooned in an expansive crater.

Ngorongoro is famous around the globe as an echo of Eden. It is a 12-mile wide volcanic crater, ringed with towering walls and sheltering forests, grasslands, fresh springs, a large lake, and a dazzling abundance of animals of all sorts.

The sunken cone of the extinct volcano (which was a behemoth during its day) serves as a natural cradle for the wildlife, which remains in the vicinity year-round.

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Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara

Marvel at the Tree Climbing Lions of Manyara.

This fine park has been a mecca for seekers of wildlife, and for hunters, since safari travel began. Along its western border lie the cliffs of the Great Rift Valley escarpment, and its eastern border runs along the shores of Lake Manyara.

Within this long and narrow corridor are dense concentrations of wildlife inhabiting a lovely and diverse landscape, which ranges from forest of tamarind, mahogany, and fig in the north to the wide open grasslands of the park center. Elephant, giraffe, lion, buffalo, and zebra are all to be found here, in addition to many other game and bird species.

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Selous Game Reserve

Offering Africa's Untouched Wilderness.

The Selous is the largest national park in Africa and carves out a huge portion of Southern Tanzania. The immense size of the park makes it ideal for the traveler seeking a sense of isolation, exploration, and discovery. Few (if any) other people will be visible.

Selous offers Africa's untouched wilderness, superb game viewing and scenic boating safari; which sets it apart from other parks. Located in southern Tanzania, Selous hosts wildlife such as elephants, hippos, buffalos, lions, crocodile as well as a variety of bird species. Selous is a truly hidden jewel and offers undisturbed game viewing.

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Selous National Park
Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro

Africa's Highest Point.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is a vision that has fed the human imagination for eons and has been innately and inexhaustibly symbolic. Writers render it, climbers conquer it, Africans worship it, and at the end of the day its magnetic singularity remains undiminished.

Kilimanjaro truly stands alone among the mountains of the world. The huge, solitary volcano is unmatched by any mountain chain. Though its size is immense, it also has one of the world's most accessible peaks. People who are in good shape can make the ascent to its summit, Uhuru peak, in a matter of days, passing through five distinct ecological zones along the way.

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